Name: Hi! I’m Tristen. I’ve been in the hair industry since 2012 and have spent the last 5 years specializing in men’s haircuts, though I’ve kept current with women’s and children’s styles!

About me: I grew up in the Midwest (Go Kansas!). When I’m not on stage at Hair Guitar, I enjoy spending time with my dogs (all three of them!) or sharing a meal with my family and friends.

First Concert: My first concert was Metallica! Kansas opened for them (did I mention Yay Kansas!) and I believe I was 4 or 5 years old! My dad had tickets and needed a fill in to go with him, and I was the winner (and he was nominated for father of the year..!)

Music I like to listen to: I grew up on 90’s Country and Rock, but I’m a fan of many genre’s. Typically, my playlist is determined by my mood, so the music can include almost any artist.

Favorite Day: My best day as an Artist is being able to connect with my Client’s in a way that’s unique and personal (compared to most lines of work). It’s a special trust that a person has when they allow someone to alter their appearance and I don’t take this special privilege lightly! It is a joy meeting and learning about people from all walks of life!

Making hair, and life – Rock Again.