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In 1989 I was at a Rolling Stones concert in Los Angeles with a couple of buddies. Towards the end of the show I found myself in the aisle dancing with (what appeared to be) a grandma and her granddaughter to one of their classics. I vividly remember thinking: I don’t really enjoy this song (apologies if this is considered heresy to some), but I really enjoy This.

It didn’t take much consideration to understand what This was. It was the joys of sharing in a communal music experience. I’ve since repeated it dozens, if not hundreds of times at concerts and sporting events across the country. Whether it’s high-fiving the elderly man sitting next to me while Metallica blasts overhead, or I’m hootin’ n hollerin’ with two little kids as our favorite closer enters the game in the 9th for our baseball team, the feeling is the same. Unhinged excitement and exhilaration.

This communal music experience has been the driver and centerpiece for Hair Guitar Haircuts. The thrill of sharing music with other music lovers, is animating. Nothing brings people together, like music.

So where does the Hair come into it? Good question. Like many, I’ve found the velocity of life continually increasing (and I’m not a fan of it..). This being the case, I’ve s found that like good music a good haircut can sweep me off to another land – ever so briefly. Combining the joy of sharing music with the relaxation of a haircut helps us provide that same experience to our guests.

Our musical goal: to provide a toe tapping environment that instantly generates visions of past or future experiences, that put a smile on your face.

The Best 30-minute vacation you’ll EVER take


I believe the last American Songbook didn’t end in the 50’s and early 60’s when Gershwin, Porter and Berlin ruled the day, it ended in the mid 90’s when MTV and FM radio lost their stranglehold as file swappers decentralized the entire music industry and made music funnels irrelevant. This open borders approach to music has its upside: Anyone can make music. It also has its downside: Anyone can make music. The simple fact is: very few have time too successful sort through all of the output. This being the case, significantly smaller populations of people share in music, as they’re able to target their passions through any of the music/video streaming services. Namibian drum music? Got it. Ukrainian EDM? Check this channel out.

Like good music a good hairstylist is not easily forgotten. I’ve had the good fortune of having many talented stylists cut my hair across the fruited plain and have always been intrigued by their artistry and precision. When you’re fortunate enough to connect with a good one – you know it immediately. I also know when I’ve just had my hair cut, but someone that will never cut my hair again. Exceptional stylists are some of the most undervalued artisans in the free market.

All this considered, I’m confident your experience from start to finish, will have you planning for your next cut, before you leave the building. Within a world abounding with bad haircuts and division, Hair Guitar will be bringing people together, to create better hair.

Our hair goal: to provide a best of class haircut, from best of class stylists that you’ll want to pre-book your next years’ worth of haircuts with.

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